Round 1, redraft 2021.

Our 1st season recap and our foray into DFS: What a year! Big shoutout to everyone who’s been riding with us! A look back at the season, it’s DFS from here on in, so listen in for juicy week 17 matchups, power rankings, and 3 tweets is 4 tweets this week.

Week 15: The pain, the fear, the depression, the glory… it’s week 15 with our last segments of The Wire and EME. From here on in we’re only doing DFS with Stacks of Cash, matchup plays and 3 tweets. Go get that championship!

Week 14: Playoffs?! Playoffs!?, The Wire, EME, Stacks of Cash, Power rankings and 3 tweets has some bangers this week!

Week 13: Pour some out for the regular season, The Wire, EME, Stacks of Cash, and 3 tweets with a great one from Cooterdoodle!

Week 12: The Wire, EME, INTRODUCING Stacks of Cash, and as always 3 tweets!

Week 11: It’s Mike’s Birthday, Taysom controversy, the last “Trades to get paid” of 2020, EME, power rankings, and 3 tweets!

Week 10: Mike hit a deer, trades to get paid, Elevation, Mitigation, Evisceration, New England Bay Watch has new life, and 3 tweets!

Week 9: OOOhh we’re halfway there, ooohhh Phillip Rivers flailing arms, Lamar’s gonna be a star week 10, Curtis Samuel and more on this week’s wire, and of course 3 tweets!

Week 8: Make a trade to get paid, Antonio Brown and more, the wire, and a couple fat dudes!

Week 7: Make a trade to get paid, it’s just the Baywatch now, great elevators and mitigators, the wire, and Daniel Jones!

Week 6: Trades, the bay, and fantasy power rankings, come get some!

Week 5: Pour one out for Dak and get your waiver pickups here!

Week 4: One quarter of this crazy 2020 season is in the books! Come get what you need!

Week 3: The Waiver-Wire; Alvin Kamara’s visor, more New England Bay Watch, & as always 3 Tweets

Week 2: Elevate, Mitigate, Eviscerate; The Waiver-Wire; New England Bay Watch, & 3 Tweets

Week 1: Elevate, Mitigate, Eviscerate, the waiver-wire, Super Bowl predictions & 3 Tweets!

EPISODE 1: 1st Round Draft Strategy

EPISODE 2: Rounds 2-3 Draft Strategy

EPISODE 3: Rounds 4-5 Draft Strategy

EPISODE 4: Rounds 6-8 Draft Strategy

EPISODE 5: Rounds 9-11 Draft Strategy

EPISODE 6: Rounds 12-14 Draft Strategy

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